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Korg EXB-MOSS Manual: Combination Mode; Combination P4: Moss Setup

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Combination mode

Combination P4: MOSS Setup
Here you can specify how bank F programs will be sounded.
These settings have no effect on bank A–E or
G programs.
4–3: MOSS Setup
Specify the number of voices that will be used by
bank F programs, and how they will be routed through
effects and the individual audio outputs.
Voice Allocation Reserve (Total Max:6voices)
For each timbre, specify the number of voices for
when a bank F program is selected. Make settings so
that the total for all timbres does not exceed six
If this is set to 0, a bank F program selected for that
timbre will not sound. When using the EXB-MOSS
multi-timbrally, refer to "Multi-timbral settings."
When you change the bank/program of a
timbre to change from a bank A–E or G
program to a bank F program, it will sound
according to these settings. Timbres that are
set to 0 will not sound if they are switched to a
bank F program. Before you select a bank F
program, set this parameter appropriately.
MOSS BUS Select Reference
Specify the insertion/master effect routing and
individual audio output routing for all timbres that use
bank F programs. The settings of the timbre you select
here will determine the insertion/master effect and
individual audio output routing of these timbres.
(They cannot be set independently.)
[0 ... 6]
[Timbre1 ... Timbre8]
Insertion/master effect routing and individual audio
output routing for a timbre is set in the Program P8:
Routing tab. Refer to "Multi-timbral settings" in this
The Timbre 1–8 you select here does not have
to be using a bank F program.
The actual levels of send 1 and 2 for a timbre
using a bank A–E or G program is determined
by multiplying the timbre setting by the send
level of the program, but for timbres that use a
bank F program, the send level setting of the
timbre will be the actual level.


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