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Bios Setup - Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual

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4.2 BIOS Setup

The BIOS stores the system configuration information in the SPI-ROM. When the system
configuration is modified, it may be necessary to change the BIOS settings.
< NOTE >
When the equipment is shipped, the BIOS is configured in accordance with the
system configuration.
If the BIOS settings are changed, the system may not operate stably or may not
start properly. Pay sufficient attention when you change the BIOS settings.
(1) Starting the setup menu
When you set up the BIOS, start the setup menu.
Turn on the power switch (see "2.1 Display and User Input Sections"). Messages related
to system initialization will be displayed. Press the F2 key to launch the setup menu.
(2) Maneuvering through the setup menu
Use the following keys to maneuver through the menu.
Key name
Used for exiting the setup or returning from a lower menu to a higher menu.
← or →
Used for selecting a menu or selecting a menu group displayed at the top of the screen.
↑ or ↓
Used for selecting an item or selecting a sub-item under a menu group.
Used for selecting a value for the setting. By pressing those keys, the setting switches
+ or -
among the available options.
Used for selecting a value for the setting. If there are only two available options, the
setting toggles when you press the key.
When you configure the date and time, by pressing this key, the focus moves between
setting items, for example, from month to day and from hour to minute.
Used for moving from a higher menu to a lower menu, exiting the setup (saving data to
the SPI-ROM), or other purposes.
(3) Overview of the setup menu
The setup menu consists of the following items:
Main: You can confirm the basic configuration of the system. You can also set the date
and time.
Advanced: You can make detailed settings that are available with the system.
Chipset: You can make detailed settings that are available with the system.
Boot: You can specify boot settings for the system.
Security: You can set a password for system security.
Save & Exit: You can load or save the setup settings, or end the setup menu.



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