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Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual page 25

Industrial computer
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• The following are precautions for the left, right, top, and bottom sides of the equipment:
• Do not attach heating devices.
• For maintenance work, make sure that the Equipment can be moved; if fixed, ensure that
the Equipment can be removed.
• It is reported that zinc whiskers can cause a problem with the device. Do not use electro-
galvanized material near or at the place where the equipment is installed.
(A quote from the Technical Report of JEITA(* ITR-1001 "Guideline of Facilities and
Equipment for Information Systems")
Location of whiskers: Whiskers are created by electrogalvanized equipment such as floor
Phenomenon: Hair-like zinc crystals (conductive whiskers) float into the air from the floor
(*) JEITA: Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association
<Required action>
• If you install the equipment in a chassis or in the desk, the temperature increase around the
equipment needs to be taken into consideration.
• The system clock and the like inside the equipment always operate by using a backup battery
even when the power is off. Therefore, if you store the equipment at a temperature outside
the operating temperature range, you may need to reconfigure system BIOS settings
including the clock settings, when you start using the equipment again. When you
reconfigure system BIOS settings, follow the instructions in "4.2 BIOS Setup".
• Before you move the equipment, be sure to disconnect the plug of the power cord from the
outlet and wait at least one minute.
• In order to prevent moisture condensation, when you move the equipment from outside the
building to inside, wait for at least four hours before using the equipment.
• The equipment is made of precision electronic components. Do not subject the equipment to
any vibration or shock.
• Do not sit on the equipment or put objects on the equipment.
• During normal operation, do not turn off the display. Set it into the standby mode instead.
• During normal operation, do not touch the keyboard or mouse until the logon screen is
displayed when you turn on the equipment.
<Required action>
• We recommend that you remove the dust built up in the neighborhood of the device (in
particular, below the device), in the vents on the device , and on the front of the device itself.
panels, stringers, posts, aseismatic flat steel, and the like.
for some reason, go inside the device, and short-circuit a PCB or its pins. The
root cause is difficult and time-consuming to find because the symptom differs
depending on the location of the short circuit, and often, it is mistaken for a
temporary issue.



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