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Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual page 158

Industrial computer
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(6) Popup notification
Notifies a user that an error occurred in the hardware of this equipment by displaying
popup messages.
(7) Status display digital LEDs
The status display digital LEDs are on the front of this equipment and notify a user that
an error occurred in the hardware of this equipment. These LEDs can be used by a user
application in order to, for example, notify the failure of the application.
(8) Remote notification
Enables a remote device to check the hardware status of the equipment. This function also
notifies to a remote device whenever the hardware status changes.
(9) Status acquisition using library functions
This function enables a user application to get the hardware status of this equipment by
using the RAS library.
(10) Automatic shutdown
Automatically shuts down the equipment when fan failure or abnormal temperature
inside the chassis. Use "(3) RAS Setup window" to enable or disable the automatic
shutdown feature.
(11) System reset
The system resets when a watchdog timer timeout in the equipment is detected. Use "(3)
RAS Setup window" to enable or disable the system reset feature.
(12) Shutdown
using library functions
A user application can shut down the equipment using the RAS library.
(13) Startup suppression when severe failure occurs
This feature suppresses startup of this equipment when a failure, such as a remote
shutdown signal input is detected during OS startup in order to protect the hardware.
(14) Control of general purpose external contacts and Digital LEDs for Status
This feature enables a user to control the general purpose external contacts and the status
display digital LEDs with the RAS library.
Two input and two output general purpose external contacts are available. If you use
those contacts, signals can be input from an external device to this equipment, and
signals can be output from this equipment to an external device.
<Library functions>
(15) RAS library interface
Offers library functions for recording log information in addition to the library functions
offered by (2), (9), (12), and (14).



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