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Disk Area Allocation Command For Saving A Memory Dump (Createdmp) - Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual

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7.5.3 Disk area allocation command for saving a memory dump (createdmp)

createdmp - Reserving a disk area for a memory dump file
The createdmp command creates a vacant memory dump file beforehand and reserves the disk
area for a memory dump in order to prevent the situation where collecting a memory dump fails
because the disk capacity is insufficient. By using this command, you can avoid a failure in
collecting a memory dump caused by a lack of disk capacity.
The createdmp command reserves a disk area if the following conditions are met. If those
conditions are not met, the command terminates with an error. Make sure that the memory dump
settings are appropriate and then retry this command. For information about how to set up the
memory dump settings, see "7.3.5 Configuring settings related to a memory dump".
• A "Complete memory dump" is specified to be collected.
• The file name of the memory dump must be correctly input.
• The memory dump file must be able to be overwritten.
• After the area for the memory dump file is allocated, the partition used for allocation still has
free space of at least 10 % of the disk capacity:
The size of the disk area to be allocated is as follows.
• The size of the physical memory size plus 10 MB.
< NOTE >
• When you run the createdmp command, log on to the computer by using an
administrator account registered on the computer (as a member of the
Administrators group). You cannot run multiple instances of the createdmp
command simultaneously.
• If User Account Control (UAC) is enabled, start the command prompt with
administrator privileges according to "7.5 (1) Starting a command prompt" and
run the command.



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