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Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual page 48

Industrial computer
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 Connecting to an outlet
Fully and securely insert the plug of the power cord of this equipment into an outlet with
a grounding pole that is properly grounded. (*)
(*) If you have no other choice than to use an outlet without a grounding pole that is
properly grounded, use 3-pole to 2-pole conversion adapter and connect the green
ground line from the adapter to the ground of the outlet. A user must verify the proper
functionality of the 3-pole to 2-pole conversion adapter before using it.
< NOTE >
• The power cord that comes with the equipment is rated at the input voltage of
125 VAC. When using this equipment at over 125 VAC, prepare the power cord
fitting input voltage.
Make sure you use a power cable with a 2-pole
plug with a grounding pole.



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