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Hardware Connection; Figure 1-9 Hardware Connection - Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual

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1.2.3 Hardware connection

 Do not route interface cables and the like near the power cord. If you do, failure
and malfunction of the equipment may result.
 Do not connect or disconnect an interface cable while the power for this
equipment or for the remote device is on. If you do, failure of the equipment
may result due to a short circuit between the power supply and the ground.
When an interface cable comes off while the power for the equipment is on,
shut down the OS and disconnect the power cord from the outlet.
Disconnecting the power cord from the outlet without shutting down the OS
might destroy the internal files.
Connect hardware based on the connection example shown in the figure below.
Connect the display, keyboard, and mouse to this equipment and then insert the plug of the
power cord into an outlet.
The following figure shows the HF-BX1200. HF-BX1200 and HF-BX1000 are common
except extension slot. Therefore connect in the same way as HF-BX1200.
Power cord for this equipment
Power cord
for a display
Display interface
cable (*2)
(*1) For information about the naming of the user input module and how to operate and adjust the equipment, refer to
the user's manual that comes with the device.
(*2) For information about the length of each connection cable, see "4.4.3 External interface cable length
(*3) When you connect a connector, pay attention to the orientation of the connector. For a USB mouse and USB
keyboard, you can use every USB port.
(the equipment connection side)

Figure 1-9 Hardware Connection

Keyboard interface
cable (*3)
Mouse interface
cable (*3)



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