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Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual page 24

Industrial computer
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<Required actions>
• When you connect or disconnect a peripheral, make sure both the equipment and the
peripheral have been turned off. Otherwise, a malfunction or failure may result.
• When you turn on the power, turn on the peripherals first and then turn on the equipment.
When you turn off the power, turn off the equipment first and then turn off the peripherals.
• When you are not using the equipment, turn off the power. If you do not intend to use the
equipment for a long time, unplug the power cord from the outlet.
• Depending on the material, a rug, a lap blanket, or the like may cause static buildup and
consequently cause a malfunction of the equipment. Use a conductive rug or lap blanket
resistant to static buildup.
• Instantaneous power failure or brownout may occur during operation and the screen may
black out when lightning strikes nearby or the AC power supply is not stable. When this
situation happens, turn off the power to the equipment and then turn it back on.
• When you install a commercially available device in extension slot, the specifications for the
required environment for both the commercially available device and this equipment must be
met. (See "1.2.1 Environment".)
• When you install a device in extension slot, make sure the current consumption does not
exceed the maximum current rating. (See "4.1(7) Maximum current specifications".)
• In order to use this equipment without failure for a long period of time, you must use it with
proper care and in the proper environment. Do not use the equipment in the locations
described below. If you do, the life span of the equipment may be reduced and failure of the
equipment may result. Be cautious especially when you use the equipment in the
environment subject to noise such as electrostatic. Depending on the severity of the noise,
failures such as a disruption on the LAN may occur. To avoid those failures, you must
thoroughly inspect the installation environment. In case of a disruption on the LAN, consider
adding a retry routine in your applications.
 In a place subject to exposure to direct sunlight.....................Too close to a window
 In a place subject to rapid temperature or humidity change.................................
 In a place close to device that generates electrical noise.......................................
 In a place close to device that generates a strong magnetic field..........................
 In an environment with full of dust
 In a place subject to vibration
 In an environment with corrosive gasses present
 In a place with vibration caused by loud sounds............. Too close to device that
Too close to an air conditioner
Too close to electric motors and generators
Too close to magnets or the like
generates a loud buzzer or



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