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Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual page 81

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5. When you finish configuring the setting items, click OK. If you change the resolution or
refresh rate, the following confirmation screen for the configuration change will be
displayed. Click OK.
< NOTE >
The resolution options may include resolutions larger than the resolutions
supported by the connected display.
If you select a resolution larger than the maximum resolution supported by the
display, the display will black out.
When the driver is installed, the resolution is automatically set to the maximum
resolution supported by the connected display. When you change the resolution,
select a resolution smaller than that.
(2) Configuring screen settings for two (multiple) displays
This equipment supports multiple display output. If you connect two displays, the two
displays can be used simultaneously. Use the Intel® Graphics and Media Control Panel to
select either Clone Displays or Extended Desktop.
The following shows how to set up the Clone Displays and Extended Desktop.
< NOTE >
• When you perform two displays using DisplayPort, make sure to use the
display which has connected DisplayPort as a primary monitor. If the display
which has connected DisplayPort is used as a secondary monitor, a monitor
will not be displayed normally.
• This equipment can perform only two screen display output as multiple display.



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