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Shutting Down The Equipment - Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual

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3.3 Shutting Down the Equipment

When you shut down the equipment, first confirm that no other users are using the equipment
and no background programs are running. Then follow the procedure below:
• Stop application programs.
• Shut down the OS.
The specific procedure for stopping an application program differs depending on each
application. For more information, see the manual of each application.
To shut down the OS, click the Start button at the left bottom corner of the screen and click
Shut down. After the OS is shut down, the power is automatically turned off and only the
auxiliary power supply is on (standby mode).
If the normal shutdown process cannot be executed (for example, a shutdown request cannot
be accepted due to system deadlock), press the power switch for at least four seconds. The
power is turned off and the equipment goes into the standby mode. If you turn off the power
by pressing the power switch for at least four seconds, you cannot turn on the power by way
of the LAN next time. Do not turn off the power this way except for emergencies. (See "3.6
Controlling the Power Using the LAN".) For information about how to collect a memory
dump, see "7.2 Collecting a Memory Dump".



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