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Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual page 7

Industrial computer
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 This equipment alone cannot guarantee the system safety. In order to ensure
sufficient safety of your system even when this equipment should fail,
malfunction, or have program bugs, you must add systemic protections such
as building external protective/safety circuits to facilitate safety measures to
prevent personal injury and serious accidents.
 When you work on installation or replacement of hardware, wear an
antistatic wrist strap to prevent the buildup of static electricity.
 When you tighten or remove a screw, use a screwdriver that fits the size and
type of the head of the screw to avoid stripping the head.
When you tighten a screw, drive a screw along the axis of a tapped hole
without adding too much torque in order to avoid damaging the thread.
 This equipment is evaluated with the hardware specified in this manual.
Accordingly, use only the specified hardware when installing or replacing
If any other hardware is used for such installation or replacement, correct
operation of the equipment will not be guaranteed.
 Do not use the equipment in the environment with full of dust or corrosive
gas because that may cause the equipment to fail.
 Do not give a shock to the equipment when unpacking or carrying the
equipment. If you do, that may cause the equipment to fail.
 Make sure sufficient clearance is provided for air intake and exhaust in front
of and behind the equipment. Otherwise, the temperature inside the
equipment may rise and that may cause a failure or short life span of the
equipment. In addition, you need to ensure sufficient clearance for
maintenance work.
 This equipment uses a lithium battery. Only maintenance personnel are
allowed to remove the lithium battery. Otherwise, the BIOS of this
equipment may cause breaks and the equipment will not be able to operate.



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