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Installing And Removing The Fixing Bracket (Equipment Attachment); Figure 5-9 Installing The Fixing Bracket - Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual

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5.3.8 Installing and removing the fixing bracket (equipment attachment)

Make sure to check whether the installation of this equipment was carried out
with certainty. Otherwise the equipment may occr fall down and injure. If there are
poor attachments, slack of a screw, etc., there is a possibility that it may be
injured by equipment falling.
(1) Before installing or removing the fixing bracket (equipment attachment)
• Before you start the work, make sure you shut down the OS, unplug the power cord
from the outlet, and wait for at least one minute.
• Allocate sufficient clearance for maintenance work. Carry out the work on a flat
surface. (See "1.2.2 Installation".)
• When you tighten or remove a screw, use a Phillips screwdriver (JIS #2) to avoid
stripping the head.
• When you tighten a screw, drive the screw along the axis of the tapped hole without
adding too much torque in order to avoid damaging the thread.
(2)Installing the fixing bracket(equipment attachment)
Attach the fixing bracket attached to equipment using four screws included.
The fixing bracket and The fixing-bracket attachment position are common to
HF-BX1000 and HF-BX1200.
(*)Right and left are fair and it can attach a fixing bracket with both.
(3) Removing the fixing bracket (equipment attachment)
Follow the procedure described in "(2) Installing fixing brackets" in reverse to remove
fixing brackets.
fixing brackets

Figure 5-9 Installing the fixing bracket




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