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Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual page 17

Industrial computer
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 Never remove the screws on an HDD while the power to the unit is on. Never
hot-swap HDDs. If you do either of these, failure of the equipment or the
drive may result.
 As a replacement HDD, do not use an HDD previously used. If you do, this
equipment may not operate properly or the data on the HDDs may be lost
because of configuration information mismatches or other reasons.
 Mount an HDD securely. Loose contacts and missing screws may result in a
 Do not subject an HDD you are mounting and the already mounted HDDs to
shock while replacing an HDD. Otherwise, failure of the equipment may
 Until the rebuild is complete, avoid shutting off the power for this equipment
or attaching and detaching HDDs. Otherwise, the data on the HDDs may be
lost or a failure may result.
 Wear cotton gloves when replacing an HDD in order to prevent failure
caused by static electricity. If you do not, the data stored on the HDD may
get corrupted.
 Make sure you check the correct procedure before you start the work. If you
do not follow the correct procedure, the data stored on the HDD may be lost.
(See page 8-6.) (See page 8-10.) (See page 8-11.) (See page 8-12.)
(See page 8-6.)



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