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Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual page 30

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• When you start using a USB device, test the device before using it. Never use a USB device
for mission critical use.
• Do not connect a USB device during the OS startup because the OS may not start normally.
• If you switch screens during OS startup when you use a USB KVM switch, the OS may not
start normally depending on the type of the USB KVM switch. When you use a USB KVM
switch, make sure you test its operation thoroughly.
• For USB2.0, the length of the cable used must be less than or equal to the length specified in
the specifications. Otherwise, the transfer speed may be compromised. In addition, use a
cable that supports USB2.0. Otherwise, a communication error may result. For information
about the cable specifications, ask the manufacturer of the cable. (For information about the
cable length, see "4.4.3 External interface cable length specifications".)
<Required actions>
• When using a USB port, check the orientation of the USB connector, and then insert the
connector slowly in order not to damage the USB port.
• When a USB device is inserted, removed, or accessed, the system load may be increased. If
you need to use a USB device during online operation (system operation), you must confirm
that using the device does not affect the currently running application softwares before using
the device.
• After you clean a USB keyboard, check the connection between the equipment and the
connector of the keyboard. A loose connection may cause the keyboard to be recognized
incorrectly or prevent the system from starting normally.
• It is not guaranteed that all USB devices can be operated.
• Some USB devices do not conform to the USB specifications. If you turn off the main power
while a non-compliant USB device is connected, the equipment may not start properly and
the clock setting may be corrupted. When you select a USB device, make sure you test its
operation thoroughly.
<Required actions>
• When you use BX1200's extension slots, you cannot use a PCI board that requires -12V
power supply because the extension slot does not provide the -12V bus power. When you use
a PCI board, check what power supply voltages are required by the board.
• If an extension board (PCI Express/PCI board) is supplied by a user, the user must take
responsibility for confirming that each component on the board meets the operating
temperature specification when those parts heat up.
• After you install an extension board, make sure you save the dummy bracket, and store it in a
safe place.
• The equipment may not operate normally when some type of extension board with a PCI-PCI
Express bridge is installed in the equipment. When you use an extension board with a PCI-
PCI Express bridge, make sure you test the operation of the equipment thoroughly.



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