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Problems That Occur After The Os Startup - Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual

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6.1.2 Problems that occur after the OS startup

The following is a list of problems that occur after the desktop is displayed (after the OS
(1) The Digital LEDs for Status indication show alphanumeric characters. (See page 6-6.)
(2) The processing speed of the equipment is slow.
(3) The equipment does not respond.
(4) The equipment automatically goes into the standby mode, or restarts.
(5) The screen blacks out.
(6) A blue screen is/was displayed.
(7) The equipment cannot connect to the network.
(8) The network connection is unstable, or the connection speed is slow.
(9) Keyboard input is not accepted.
(10) Mouse input is not accepted.
(11) A USB device (other than a keyboard and a mouse) cannot be recognized or does not
(12) No sound is generated, or the sound is extremely faint.
(13) A serial port or a parallel port does not work properly.
(14) The equipment cannot be shut down.
(See page 6-8.)
(See page 6-8.)
(See page 6-9.)
(See page 6-10.)
(See page 6-10.)
(See page 6-11.)
(See page 6-11.)
(See page 6-12.)
(See page 6-13.)
(See page 6-13.)
(See page 6-14.)
(See page 6-14.)
(See page 6-15.)



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