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Memory Dump File Copy Command (Mdump) - Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual

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7.5.2 Memory dump file copy command (mdump)

mdump - Copying a memory dump file
mdump [-n | -e file name] <Copy (Decompress) destination path name>
The mdump command compresses a memory dump file collected by Microsoft® Windows®
when the equipment stops unexpectedly. Then the command copies the compressed memory
dump file to a portable medium. The dump file, which is specified in the Setup and Recovery
window displayed by selecting Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced
system settings and clicking Settings under Startup and Recovery, and all the files under the
minimum dump directory will be saved. The memory dump file is compressed and stored as a file
(File name: memory.mcf).
As an option, if you use the -e option, the compressed file will be decompressed.
The following options are available for this command:
-n: Files will be copied without compression.
-e file name: A file compressed by the mdump command will be decompressed. You must specify
the file name.
Copy destination path name: When the -e option is not specified, specify the drive name of the
• A memory dump file is copied to the copy (decompress) destination specified by this command.
• If a file with the same name as the copy (decompress) destination already exists at the same
location, the file is overwritten.
• When you run the mdump command by typing "mdump /?" or "mdump -?" at the command
prompt or when there is an error in the specified parameters, a help message will be displayed to
show how to use the command.
< NOTE >
• When you run the mdump command, log on to the computer by using an
administrator account registered on the computer (as a member of the
Administrators group). You cannot run multiple instances of the mdump
command simultaneously.
• If User Account Control (UAC) is enabled, start the command prompt with
administrator privileges according to "7.5 (1) Starting a command prompt" and
run the command.
copy destination. If you want to copy files to a directory, specify a
full path including the directory name.
When the -e option is used, specify the directory where you want to
store the decompressed files.



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