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Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual page 12

Industrial computer
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2.3 Safety Warning Indicated as "NOTICE"
 Before you move this equipment, make sure you shut down the OS and then
disconnect the plug of the power cord from the outlet, and wait for at least
one minute. If you do not, the HDDs and other devices may fail.
 When you transport or carry the equipment, pack it in the dedicated container
(container and packing materials used when the equipment was delivered). If
you use other container or packing materials, that may damage the
 Do not use damaged or broken dedicated container when you transport or
carry the equipment. If you do, that may damage the equipment.
 Due to the property of inrush current restraint method with this equipment,
inrush currents may increase than usual if the power is turned on before the
power supply unit has sufficiently cooled off naturally after the power has
been turned off. Before you turn on the power again, wait at least one minute
after you have turned off the power. Otherwise, the inrush currents may
affect the breaker connected to the equipment and also the life span of the
equipment itself.
 Depending on the type of failure, important files may be lost when you use
this equipment. Files can be lost by power failure and human mistakes during
operation in addition to the failure of the equipment. If such a situation
occurs, the files cannot be recovered. In order to prevent data loss, make it a
routine to save your files and establish a systematic schedule for backing up
(See page C-7.) (See page i.)
(See page C-1.)



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