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Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual page 131

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4. The system stops when the Windows® logo is displayed.
<Possible cause>
There is an error in hardware, or the OS is corrupted.
1. Unplug the power cable from the back of the equipment, and remove all USB devices
except a keyboard and mouse as well as all extension boards. After this, plug the power
cable into the outlet and restart the equipment. (For how to remove the extension board, see
2. If the symptom persists after step 1, the OS may be corrupted. If you have a recovery
DVD, restore the system drive back to the factory default using the recovery DVD.
< NOTE >
• Do not connect a USB device during the OS startup because the OS may not
start normally.
• When you change screens during the OS startup, the OS does not start
normally in some CPU/USB switching devices. If you use a CPU/USB switching
device, perform sufficient operation verification.
(2) Beep sounds are generated.
a) One beep is generated.
<Possible cause>
This is just a beep for power-on. This is not an error.
b) Two or more beeps are generated.
<Possible cause>
No main memory is installed or the contact might be poor.
1. Check if main memory is installed.
2. If main memory is installed, remove the main memory module and re-install it, referring to
"5.3.4 Installing and removing main memory".
(3) The BIOS setup menu cannot be opened.
<Possible cause>
Keyboard input is not accepted.
1. Disconnect the keyboard cable and securely reconnect it to ensure stable connection.
2. Connect the keyboard cable to another port.



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