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Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual page 10

Industrial computer
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2.2 Safety Warning Indicated as "
 If you keep at high temperature this equipment, do not touch bare hands.
Otherwise you may result burns.
 When you install the equipment vertically, install fixing bracket attached and
the power supply unit must come at the upper side and make sure the
equipment is placed so it does not fall. If you do not, may result of injury.
The mounting metal fitting for vertical installation must be secured to a
mounting chassis or rack with casters using set screws at both the upper and
lower positions.
Caution about fans (rotating objects)
 Only maintenance personnel are allowed to remove a fan. If you remove a
fan yourself, your hand or objects may be caught by the rotating part of the
operating fan and personal injury may result.
 Before you clean or replace the dust filter or the case fan of this equipment,
make sure you shut down the OS, disconnect the plug of the power cord from
the outlet, and wait for at least one minute. Otherwise, the injury of hands
and fingers may result.
 When you install the cover of the equipment, do not put your fingers inside
the cover. If you do, your fingers may get caught and injured.
 Do not directly touch the parts inside the equipment with your hand when
you install or remove an extension board. Those parts are hot and if you
touch them, you may get burned. In addition, if you touch them, they may get
damaged and that may result in failure of the equipment.
(See page 5-1.) (See page 5-21.)
(See page 5-8.) (See page 5-13.)
(See page 1-2.)
(See page 1-7.)
(See page 2-1.)
(See page 5-6.)



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