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Chapter 6 Troubleshooting; List Of Problems; Problems That Occur Before The Os Startup - Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual

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This chapter explains the possible causes of common problems and the actions to be taken to
address those problems. Select an applicable symptom from the list in "6.1 List of Problems".
Follow the link ("6.2 Countermeasures" through "6.6 Digital LEDs for Status Indication") and
take actions according to the instruction. If following the instruction in "6.2 Countermeasures"
does not resolve the symptom, contact the system administrator or maintenance personnel.
Refer to "Chapter 8 RAID1" for the trouble about the RAID.
In case of smoke, a burning smell, or the like, unplug the power cord from the
outlet, and contact your supplier or maintenance personnel. Using faulty
equipment without repair may result in a fire or an electric shock.

6.1 List of Problems

The following is a list of problems that can occur in the equipment. Search for an applicable
item in the list below, perform root cause analysis, and take an appropriate action.

6.1.1 Problems that occur before the OS startup

The following is a list of problems that occur before the desktop is displayed (before the OS
startup). For information about the names of the lamps on the front panel, see "2.1 Display
and User Input Sections".
(1) The equipment does not start.
Check the operation of the equipment after the power switch is turned on in the order of
the following steps 1 through 4. If there is an applicable item, follow the link. (If there
are multiple applicable items, the first one has precedence.)
1. When the power switch is turned on, fans do not rotate or the power lamp is not turned
2. When the power switch is turned on, fans rotate and the power lamp is lit, but the
status indication LEDs and the Digital LEDs for Status indication do not display
3. The screen is blank.
4. The system stops when the Windows® logo is displayed.
(2) Beep sounds are generated.
(3) The BIOS setup menu cannot be opened.
(4) WOL cannot be used.
(See page 6-3.)
(See page 6-3.)
(See page 6-3.)
(See page 6-4.)
(See page 6-4.)
(See page 6-4.)
(See page 6-5.)



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