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Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual page 23

Industrial computer
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• In order to connect a connector properly, you need to insert it with the proper orientation and
at the proper angle. If a connector is not inserted properly, the connection may fail or
• Make sure there are no loose I/O cable connectors on the equipment.
1. Power Voltage
<Required actions>
• Confirm that the voltage of the power input to the equipment is within the specified range
(100Vto240VAC). If the voltage of the power input is close to the upper or lower limit of
the specified range, you should treat it as you would a setting error of the input voltage and
ask the manager of the power facility to inspect the voltage output by the facility.
2. Power Cord
• The power cord that comes with the equipment is rated at the input voltage of 125 VAC.
When using this equipment at over 125 VAC, prepare the power cord fitting input voltage
and inspect the safeness of this equipment enough.
• Use a power cord with a 2-prong plug and a grounding pole. (See "1.2.3 Hardware
• When you connect the plug of the power cord to an outlet, make sure you use an outlet
with a neutral pole that is properly grounded.
3. Turning the Power On and Off
• When you turn off the power, disconnect the plug of the power cord from the outlet. (See
"1.2.3 Hardware connection".)
• Wait for at least one minute before turning the power on again after turning it off . If you
wait for less than one minute, the equipment may not operate as specified by the BIOS
power settings. (See "4.2 BIOS Setup".)
• Do not turn off the power to the equipment or press the reset switch during communication
or while an HDD is being accessed.



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