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Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual page 142

Industrial computer
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(14) The equipment cannot be shut down.
a) The drive access lamp is on or flashing.
<Possible cause>
The shutdown process is simply taking a long time.
1. Wait until the shutdown process finishes.
b) other than a)
<Possible cause>
The OS has frozen.
1. Press the Scroll Lock key twice while holding down the Ctrl key to collect a memory
dump. The equipment restarts automatically after a memory dump is collected. When you
request an analysis of the memory dump (a service provided for a fee), save the log after
you restart the equipment (see "7.4 Maintenance Operation Commands") and contact our
sales representatives.
2. If you cannot restart the equipment at step 1, turn off the power of the equipment according
to the instructions in <Forcibly terminating the equipment> below.
3. If executing step 1 does not resolve the problem, remove all USB devices except a
keyboard and mouse as well as all extension boards when the power is off and then start
the equipment.
<Forcibly terminating the equipment>
If the shutdown fails, press the power switch for at least four seconds. The power is turned
off and the product goes into the standby mode.
After the equipment goes into the standby mode, disconnect the plug of the power cord
from outlet.



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