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Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual page 29

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This item applies to D model only. If you are not using the D model, skip reading this item.
The media error is a status where there is a problem in data healthiness while the RAID status
(see "CHAPTER 8 RAID1") is normal. If a read error occurs on the copy source drive during
a rebuild process, the rebuild process will finish, but the sector data where a read error occurred
is already lost, indicating a data healthiness problem. For details about the media error, refer to
<Media error notification>
When a media error occurs, we recommend that you back up the data first, and then replace the
copy source HDD with a new HDD. Because you lose only a part of data due to a media error,
it is also possible to continue to use the equipment as is. But even if the equipment works
normally, a failure may occur later on. If you decide to continue to use the equipment as is,
take extra cautions.
Note that this equipment allows you to select, depending on the system operation, whether a
media error is handled as a failure. By default, a media error is not recognized as a failure. For
information about changing how to notify media error, refer to the RAS FEATURES MANUAL.
When a media error is handled as a failure, a media error is notified as the "fail" status of the
RAID in the following methods:
• Event notification
• Outputs on the Digital LEDs for Status indication
• Remote notification
• MCALL contact of RAS external control I/O interface
• Message box
Example of a Message Box When a Media Error Occurs



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