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Table 2-1 Function Of Each Part - Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual

Industrial computer
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Power switch
Reset switch
Power lamp
HDD1 status lamp/
HDD2 status lamp
AC inlet
Power supply
PS/2 port (Mouse)
PS/2 port (Keyboard)
Audio port (LINE IN)
Audio port
Audio port (MIC)
Serial port
(9 pins: RS-232C-A)
Analog RGB port
HDMI port
Extension slot
USB port
Digital LED
for Status indication
Status indication LEDs

Table 2-1 Function of Each Part (1/2)

When you press this switch, the power is turned on. When you press the
switch for four seconds or more, the power is turned off and the system
goes into standby mode (for emergencies only).
Use this switch to perform a hardware reset (restarting the equipment).
Lights green when the equipment is operating.
The HDD status lamp lights green when it is being accessed. The HDD2
status lamp does not light even if you mount an HDD in drive bay 2 in the
A model.
For the lighting pattern of the lamps in the D model, see Chapter 8.
Used for connecting a power cord.
A power supply module with a wide-range input voltage (100 to 240
Used for connecting a mouse. (Prepared by user)
Used for connecting a Keyboard. (Prepared by user)
An audio line input.
An audio line output.
Microphone input
You can use this connector to connect a device such as a modem that uses
a serial interface.
(See "4.4.1 Connector specifications".)
Connects the cable from the analog RGB interface of a display.
(See "4.4.1 Connector specifications".)
Connects the cable from the HDMI interface of a display.
(See "4.4.1 Connector specifications".)
Connects the cable from the Displayport interface of a display.
(See "4.4.1 Connector specifications".)
A connector for connecting external contacts.
(See "4.4.1 Connector specifications".)
Slot used to mount a PCI board or PCI Express x16 board.
Used to connect a device that uses a USB interface.
(See "4.4.1 Connector specifications".)
Various states of this equipment are indicated as a two-digit code in
hexadecimal and the states of the status indication LEDs.
Status indication LEDs
[1] RAS status (Red)
[2] Application status (Green)
[3] Not used by this equipment.
(For information about how to display arbitrary status data on the Digital
LED for Status indication from a user application, refer to the



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