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Figure 5-6 Installing And Removing An Hdd - Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual

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(2) Removing an HDD
[1] Before you start the work, make sure you shut down the OS, unplug the power cord
from the outlet, and wait for at least one minute.
[2] Release the set screws for the HDD case.
[3] Hold the grips on the front of the HDD case and pull out the case.
< NOTE >
• When you pull out an HDD, make sure you do not apply too much force to the
connector. Slowly pull out the hard disk in order not to subject the hard disk.
• When you connect an HDD to a connector, do not subject the HDD to shock or
• Make sure you mount a system disk in drive bay 1. Even if you mount a system
disk in drive bay 2 by mistake, the OS may start, but other problems may arise,
so you have to exercise extra caution for the mounting location of the HDD.
Twoknurled screws for
HDD case
※Tighten in about 0.7N · m
when tightening the screws.

Figure 5-6 Installing and Removing an HDD

Drive bay 1
Drive bay 2



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