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Controlling The Power Using The Lan; Enabling The Wol (Wake On Lan™) Function - Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual

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3.6 Controlling the Power Using the LAN

Only LAN B port can turn on the power by remote control using LAN.
The power for this equipment can be turned on from a remote device by way of the LAN.
This section explains WOL (Wake on LAN™), which is used for turning on the power for the
equipment through the LAN. WOL can be initiated by sending a Magic Packet™ frame to the
LAN interface of the equipment which has been shut down normally.
In the initial factory settings, this function is disabled. If you want to use this function, follow
steps 1 through 3 described in "3.6.1 Enabling the WOL (Wake on LAN™) function" to
enable the WOL function and then follow the steps below.
< NOTE >
WOL function can be used by only LAN B port. WOL function in LAN A
port is a non-support.
• For information about the precautions for the network, see "PRECAUTIONS
3.6.1 Enabling the WOL (Wake on LAN™) function
By following the procedure below, you can set up whether to start WOL when a Magic
Packet™ frame is received. In the initial factory settings, the WOL function is disabled.
1. Execute steps 1 though 7 in " Setting up the network transfer speed" in "3.7 Setting
Up the LAN Interface".
2. Click the Power Management tab. If you want to enable WOL, select the Wake on Magic
Packet from power off state check box under "Wake on LAN:".
3. Click OK and restart the system.



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