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Changing The Memory Dump Collection Setting - Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual

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7.3.2 Changing the memory dump collection setting

We recommend collecting a complete memory dump for this equipment. In order to collect
a complete memory dump, you must properly configure the settings related to a memory
dump. If you changed the settings related to a memory dump, and as a result, a complete
memory dump cannot be collected, the following message will be displayed. (The image
shown is from Windows® 7.)
If this situation happens, follow the procedure in "7.3.4 Countermeasures when changing
the memory dump collection setting" and configure the memory dump setting to make
collecting a complete memory dump possible.
< NOTE >
• If you click No in the message box, this message box will not be displayed after
that. If you decide not to collect a "Complete memory dump" when you use the
equipment, click No.
• When the message box above is displayed, sometimes an information log entry
with Event ID 26 is recorded in the event log.


Table of Contents

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