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Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual page 27

Industrial computer
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• Before you set up the screen, terminate all running application softwares.
• When you change connections to switch between single- and multi- display configurations,
turn off the power to the equipment, change the connection of display cables, turn the power
back on, and then set up the screen configuration.
• When you change the connection configuration for the monitors, reconfigure the screen
settings accordingly.
• Depending on application softwares, the screen may flicker and video playback may not be
• If the Turn off the display setting is used, it is possible that stripe noise may appears at the
top of the screen when the screen is turned on again. You can remove the noise by causing
the screen to be redrawn, for example, by moving a window. Note that the operation of an
application software will not be affected by the noise.
If you want the screen to be blacked out when there is no user input for a certain amount of
time, specify Never for the Turn off the display setting and Blank for the Screen saver
• This equipment can output up to two screens as a multi-display.



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