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Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual page 137

Industrial computer
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(5) The screen blacks out.
<Possible cause>
There is an error in the display or in the video board.
1. Make sure that the plug of the power cord for the display is connected to the outlet.
2. Make sure that the equipment and the display are connected through a display interface
3. Re-examine the display settings. For information about how to adjust the display, refer to
the manual of the display.
4. When you use a video card, check the following items.
i) Make sure that the settings of the video card are correct.
(For information about how to set up the video card, refer to the manual of the video
ii) Shut down the OS and unplug the power cable from the outlet. Replace the video card
with another one and check whether it works.
(6) A blue screen is/was displayed.
<Possible cause>
There is an error in the OS or in the equipment.
1. If the blue screen is still displayed, record the STOP error code.
2. If you cannot record the STOP error code, search the "System" category in the event log
for the STOP error code.
3. Check Microsoft's support technical information and determine the cause of the memory
dump collection.
4. When you request an analysis of the memory dump (a service provided for a fee), save the
log after you restart the equipment (see "7.5 Maintenance Operation Commands") and
contact our sales representatives.



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