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Hitachi HF-BX1000 Instruction Manual page 159

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<Maintenance / Failure analysis>
(16) Memory dump collection
When a failure occurs, for example, this equipment stops unexpectedly, you can save
the contents of the system memory to a file (memory dump file) by pressing Scroll
Lock twice while holding the right Ctrl key. By analyzing the data in this memory
dump, you can investigate the cause of the failure.
(17) Log information collection window
Allows you to collect log data and memory dump files for this equipment using a
graphical user interface.
(18) Maintenance operation support commands
These commands include a command used for saving failure information such as
memory dump files and event log files to an external medium.
(19) Trend logging of the temperature inside the chassis
This feature periodically measures the temperature inside the chassis of this equipment
and records the data in a file.
(20) Hardware status simulation
Simulates the hardware status of this equipment. By using this function, you can test a
user application and check the notification interface of the RAS software without actual
hardware failure.
This manual explains a part of function (7) as well as functions (13) ,(16) and (18). For details
about other features, refer to HF-BX1000/1200 RAS FEATURES MANUAL.



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