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HP FlexFabric 12500 Series Network Management And Monitoring Command Reference Page 93

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Total sessions
# Display detailed information about all IPv4 NTP associations.
<Sysname> display ntp-service sessions verbose
Clock source:
Session ID: 35888
Clock stratum: 2
Clock status:
configured, master, sane, valid
Reference clock ID:
VPN instance: Not specified
Local mode: client, local poll interval: 6
Peer mode: server, peer poll interval: 6
Offset: 0.2862ms, roundtrip delay: 3.2653ms, dispersion: 4.5166ms
Root roundtrip delay: 0.0000ms, root dispersion: 10.910ms
Reference clock ID of the NTP server:
If the reference clock is the local clock, the value of this field is related to the
value of the stra field:
When the value of the stra field is 0 or 1, this field displays LOCL.
When the stra field has another value, this field displays the IP address
of the local clock.
If the reference clock is the clock of another device on the network, this field
displays the IP address of the device. If this field displays INIT, the local
device has not established a connection with the NTP server.
Stratum level of the clock source, which determines the clock accuracy. The
value is in the range of 1 to 16. The clock accuracy decreases from stratum 1
to stratum 16. A stratum 1 clock has the highest precision, and a stratum 16
clock is not synchronized and cannot be used as a reference clock.
Reachability count of the clock source. 0 indicates that the clock source is
Polling interval in seconds. It is the maximum interval between successive NTP
Length of time from when the last NTP message was received or when the local
clock was last updated to the current time.
Time is in seconds by default. If the time length is greater than 2048 seconds,
it is displayed in minutes. If greater than 300 minutes, in hours. If greater than
96 hours, in days.
Offset of the system clock relative to the reference clock, in milliseconds.
Roundtrip delay from the local device to the NTP server, in milliseconds.
Maximum error of the system clock relative to the reference source, in
1—Clock source selected by the system (the current reference source). It has
a system clock stratum level less than or equal to 15.
2—The stratum level of the clock source is less than or equal to 15.
3—The clock source has survived the clock selection algorithm.
4—The clock source is a candidate clock source.
5—The clock source was created by a configuration command.
Total number of associations.


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