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Snmp-agent Mib-view - HP FlexFabric 12500 Series Network Management And Monitoring Command Reference

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snmp-agent mib-view

Use snmp-agent mib-view to create or update a MIB view.
Use undo snmp-agent mib-view to delete a MIB view.
snmp-agent mib-view { excluded | included } view-name oid-tree [ mask mask-value ]
undo snmp-agent mib-view view-name
The system creates the ViewDefault view when the SNMP agent is enabled. In this default MIB view, all
MIB objects in the iso subtree but the snmpUsmMIB, snmpVacmMIB, and snmpModules.18 subtrees are
System view
Predefined user roles
excluded: Denies access to any node in the specified MIB subtree.
included: Permits access to all the nodes in the specified MIB subtree.
view-name: Specify a view name, a string of 1 to 32 characters.
oid-tree: Specifies a MIB subtree by its root node's OID (for example or object name (for
example, system). An OID is a dotted numeric string that uniquely identifies an object in the MIB tree.
mask mask-value: Sets a MIB subtree mask, a hexadecimal string. Its length must be an even number in
the range of 2 to 32.
Usage guidelines
A MIB view represents a set of MIB objects (or MIB object hierarchies) with certain access privilege. The
MIB objects included in the MIB view are accessible while those excluded from the MIB view are
Each view-name oid-tree pair represents a view record. If you specify the same record with different MIB
subtree masks multiple times, the most recent configuration takes effect.
The system can store entries for up to 20 unique MIB view records. In addition to the four default MIB view
records, you can create up to 16 unique MIB view records. After you delete the default view with the undo
snmp-agent mib-view command, you can create up to 20 unique MIB view records.
Be cautious with deleting the default MIB view. The operation blocks the access to any MIB object on the
device from NMSs that use the default view.
# Include the mib-2 (OID subtree in the mibtest view and exclude the system subtree from this
<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] snmp-agent mib-view included mibtest


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