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HP FlexFabric 12500 Series Network Management And Monitoring Command Reference: Action Reboot

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[Sysname-rtm-test] action 3 cli shutdown

action reboot

Use action reboot to add a reboot action to a monitor policy.
Use undo action to remove an action.
In standalone mode:
action number reboot [ slot slot-number ]
undo action number
In IRF mode:
action number reboot [ chassis chassis-number [ slot slot-number ] ]
undo action number
Monitor policies do not contain any actions.
CLI-defined policy view
Predefined user roles
number: Specifies an action ID in the range of 0 to 231.
chassis chassis-number: Specifies an IRF member device. If you do not specify a member device, the
command reboots all IRF member devices. (In IRF mode.)
slot slot-number: Specifies a card by its slot number. If you do not specify a card, the command reboots
all cards in the specified chassis.
Usage guidelines
You can configure a series of actions to be executed in response to the event specified in a monitor policy.
EAA executes the actions in ascending order of action IDs. When you add actions to a policy, you must
make sure the execution order is correct.
The reboot action configured with this command reboots devices or cards without saving the running
configuration. If you want to save the running configuration, use the action cli command to configure
reboot actions.
You can specify EAA environment variable names instead of specifying specific values for an argument.
For more information about using EAA environment variables, see
# (In standalone mode.) Configure an action for the CLI-defined policy test to reboot the device.
<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] rtm cli-policy test


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