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HP FlexFabric 12500 Series Network Management And Monitoring Command Reference: Event Snmp Oid

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chassis chassis-number: Specifies an IRF member device by its member ID. If you do not specify an IRF
member device, the policy applies to all IRF member devices. (In IRF mode.)
slot slot-number: Specifies a card by its slot number. If you do not specify a card, the policy applies to all
Usage guidelines
Use process event monitor policies to monitor process state changes. These changes can result from
manual operations or automatic system operations.
You can configure only one event for one monitor policy. If the monitor policy already contains an event,
the new event replaces the old event.
# Configure a CLI-defined policy to monitor all instances of the process snmpd for restart events.
[Sysname] rtm cli-policy test
[Sysname-rtm-test] event process restart name snmpd

event snmp oid

Use event snmp oid to configure an SNMP event for a CLI-defined monitor policy.
Use undo event to delete the event in a CLI-defined monitor policy.
event snmp oid oid monitor-obj { get | next } start-op start-op start-val start-val restart-op restart-op
restart-val restart-val [ interval interval ]
undo event
No SNMP events are configured.
CLI-defined policy view
Predefined user roles
oid oid: Specifies the OID of the monitored MIB variable, a string of 1 to 256 characters.
monitor-obj { get | next }: Specifies the SNMP operation used for sampling variable values. The get
keyword represents the SNMP get operation, and the next keyword represents the SNMP getNext
start-op start-op: Specifies the operator for comparing the sampled value with the start threshold. The
policy is triggered if the comparison result meets the condition. For keywords available for the start-op
argument, see
start-val start-val: Specifies the start threshold to be compared with the sampled value. The start-val
argument can be any data type supported by SNMP, including numerals and character strings. The CLI


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