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HP FlexFabric 12500 Series Network Management And Monitoring Command Reference Page 14

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-a source-ipv6: Specifies an IPv6 address of the device as the source IP address of ICMP echo requests.
If this option is not specified, the source IPv6 address of ICMP echo requests is the IPv6 address of the
outbound interface. (The address selection rule is defined by RFC 3484.)
-c count: Specifies the number of ICMPv6 echo requests that are sent to the destination. The value range
is 1 to 4294967295, and the default is 5.
-m interval: Specifies the interval (in milliseconds) to send an ICMPv6 echo reply. The value range is 1
to 65535, and the default is 1000.
-q: Displays only statistics. Without this keyword, the system displays all the ping statistics.
-s packet-size: Specifies length (in bytes) of ICMPv6 echo requests (excluding the IPv6 packet header and
the ICMPv6 packet header). The value range is 20 to 8100, and the default is 56.
-t timeout: Specifies the timeout time (in milliseconds) of an ICMPv6 echo reply. The value range is 0 to
65535, and the default is 2000.
-tc traffic-class: Specifies the traffic class value in an ICMPv6 packet. The value range is 0 to 255 and the
default is 0.
-v: Displays detailed information (including the dst field and the idx field) about ICMPv6 echo replies. If
this keyword is not specified, the system only displays brief information (not including the dst field and the
idx field) about ICMPv6 echo replies.
-vpn-instance vpn-instance-name: Specifies the MPLS L3VPN instance to which the destination belongs,
where the vpn-instance-name argument is a case-sensitive string of 1 to 31 characters. If the destination
is on the public network, do not specify this option.
-i interface-type interface-number: Specifies the source interface of ICMPv6 echo requests. This option
must be specified when the destination address is a multicast address or a link local address. Without this
option, the system uses the primary IP address of the matching route's egress interface as the source
interface of ICMP echo requests.
host: Specifies the IPv6 address or host name of the destination. The host name is a case-insensitive string
of 1 to 253 characters. It can contain letters, digits, and special characters such as hyphen (-), underscore
(_), and dot (.).
Usage guidelines
To use the name of the destination host to perform the IPv6 ping operation, you must first configure DNS
on the device. Otherwise, the ipv6 ping operation fails.
To abort the ping ipv6 operation during the execution of the command, press Ctrl+C.
# Test whether the IPv6 address (2001::2) is reachable.
<Sysname> ping ipv6 2001::2
Ping6(56 data bytes) 2001::1 --> 2001::2, press CTRL_C to break
56 bytes from 2001::2, icmp_seq=0 hlim=64 time=62.000 ms
56 bytes from 2001::2, icmp_seq=1 hlim=64 time=23.000 ms
56 bytes from 2001::2, icmp_seq=2 hlim=64 time=20.000 ms
56 bytes from 2001::2, icmp_seq=3 hlim=64 time=4.000 ms
56 bytes from 2001::2, icmp_seq=4 hlim=64 time=16.000 ms
--- Ping6 statistics for 2001::2 ---
5 packet(s) transmitted, 5 packet(s) received, 0.0% packet loss


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