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Installing The Bobbin; Installing The Bobbin; Removing The Bobbin Case - Brother 884-T13 Operation Manual

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1. Installing the Bobbin

When the machine is purchased, only the bobbin case is installed in the hook. Insert a bobbin wound
with bobbin thread for embroidering. For precautions concerning the bobbin, refer to page 33.
• The machine does not indicate how much
bobbin thread is remaining. Before starting
to embroider make sure that there is
enough bobbin thread for the pattern.
• Make sure to clean the bobbin case every
time the bobbin is changed. For details on
cleaning the bobbin case, refer to "Cleaning
the bobbin case" on page 286.

Removing the bobbin case

Open the hook cover.
Pull the hook cover toward you.
Pull the thread picker toward you if it was
not pulled toward the front.
1 Thread Picker
To gain access to the bobbin case easily, pull the
thread picker toward front.
• Thread picker is a device that is used to
hold the thread when beginning to sew or
when trimming the thread.
• The thread picker can only be moved within a
certain range. Do not pull it with extreme
Grab the bobbin case latch, and remove the
bobbin case.
1 Latch
■ Oiling the machine
After removing the bobbin case, apply oil to the
machine. The race should be oiled. For details on
oiling the machine, refer to "Oiling the machine"
on page 288.
• Put a drop of oil onto the hook once a day
before use.

Installing the bobbin

• This embroidery machine is not equipped
with a bobbin-winder. Use pre-wound (L
type) bobbins.
• The optional bobbin winder (stand-alone
type) and optional metal bobbins can also
be used. (Refer to page 22, 279.)
Insert the bobbin into the bobbin case.




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