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The installed embroidery frame is too
Check which embroidery frames can be
used, and then install a larger
embroidery frame. (Refer to page 48.)
The patterns you are editing take up
too much memory, or you are editing
too many patterns for the memory.
Sewing cannot begin from the specified
starting position.
Change the starting position or rehoop
the fabric and change the embroidering
position. (Refer to 93, 135.)
The upper thread broke, the thread
came out of the thread tension disc or a
thread guide, or the machine is not
threaded correctly.
Check that the thread passes under the
upper and middle thread guides, and
correctly thread the upper thread. (Refer
to page 57.) If the thread is not broken,
clean the thread guides and the tension
unit. (Refer to page 287.)
Lint or dust has accumulated in the
thread tension disc.
Remove the tension dials, and then
remove any lint or dust accumulated
between the felt washers. (Refer to
page 287.)
* Since there may be many other causes, refer to the Troubleshooting table.
The upper thread breaks. (Refer to page 293.)
The bobbin thread breaks. (Refer to page 295.)
* Touch
to move the needle back or forward. (Refer to page 116.)
The needle has stopped at an incorrect
Turn the handwheel so that the mark on
the handwheel is at the top.
The bobbin thread broke or ran out.
Check that there is thread on the bobbin
and that approximately 50 mm (2
inches) of thread has been pulled out,
and then re-install the bobbin. (Refer to
page 36.)
The thread tension is too tight.
Check the tensions of the upper thread
and bobbin thread, and then adjust
them. (Refer to page 124.)
The needle bar case could not be
moved to its initial position.
to automatically reset the
needle bar case.


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