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The needle is dull.
There is puckering in
the fabric.
The design density is too heavy.
The LCD cannot be
The LDC screen is too bright or too
There is no color
indicated on LED light
Black is assigned as the next thread
after the lights flashing,
when the thread color
needs to be changed.
When embroidering
thick fabric, the fabric
Fabric slips within the frame because of
cannot be correctly
its thickness.
There is flickering in
If the machine is being used in a very
built-in camera image
cold environment, there may be
displayed in the LCD
flickering in the built-in camera image
displayed in the LCD screen.
• This machine is equipped with a thread detecting mechanism. If the machine is not threaded with the
upper thread, the machine will not operate correctly, even if the start/stop button is pressed after
unlocking the machine.
• If the machine suddenly stops:
• Turn off the machine, and unplug the power cord.
• Restart the machine with the correct operating procedure. Refer to page 38.
Probable Cause
Dull needles push fabric down and
damage material. Replace the needle.
Too many stitches in an area pull
fabric, causing it to pucker. Slightly
decrease the design density by 5% to
Adjust the brightness of the screen
When black is assigned as the next
thread color, LED light does not
indicate the next thread color. The light
turns off after flashing.
Wrap masking tape or bias tape around
the outer frame. The tape will provide
resistance so that the fabric does not
easily slip.
This is not a malfunction. Leave the
machine turned on, and then wait a
while before using the built-in camera.
Reference Page
p.33, 86
p. 234
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