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Hooping The Fabric In The Embroidery Frame - Brother 884-T13 Operation Manual

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6. Hooping the Fabric in the Embroidery Frame

After selecting the pattern to be embroidered, check which embroidery frames can be used to sew the
pattern. Select the appropriate frame, and hoop the fabric and stabilizer in the embroidery frame.
(Refer to "Attaching Iron-On Stabilizer (Backing) to Fabric" on page 92.) For precautions concerning the
fabric, refer to page 34.
• If the fabric is not taut, the pattern may be misaligned or the fabric may pucker. Follow the procedure
described below to firmly stretch the fabric in the embroidery frame so that the fabric is not loose. In
addition, be sure to work on a level surface when putting the fabric in the embroidery frame.
Hooping the fabric in the
embroidery frame
Select an embroidery frame.
From the sizes of embroidery frames indicated in the
screen, select the embroidery frame that you wish to
Embroidery frames that can be used appear lighter
) embroidery frames that cannot be used appear
darker (
• If the embroidery frame holder is not
attached to the machine, the embroidering
area will not display the correct frame size.
(Refer to page 50.)
■ Embroidery frame types
There are four sizes of embroidery frames included
with this machine, which are used with the included
embroidery frame holder A. For details on the uses
for each frame, refer to "Correctly Using the
Embroidery Frames" on page 88.
Embroidering area
Extra-large embroidery frame
200 mm (H) × 360 mm (W)
(7-7/8 inches (H) × 14 inches (W))
Extra-large embroidery frame (optional)
200 mm (H) × 300 mm (W)
(7-7/8 inches (H) × 11-3/4 inches (W))
Large embroidery frame
130 mm (H) × 180 mm (W)
(5-1/8 inches (H) × 7-1/8 inches (W))
Medium embroidery frame
100 mm (H) × 100 mm (W)
(4 inches (H) × 4 inches (W))
Embroidering area
Small embroidery frame
40 mm (H) × 60 mm (W)
(1-1/2 inches (H) × 2-3/8 inches (W))
If you use any of the optional embroidery frames,
the following icons appear in the screen.
: Embroidery frame holder B
: Embroidery frame holder C
: Embroidery frame holder D
: Embroidery frame holder E
• If embroidery frames other than the four
included frames or recommended optional
frames are used, the embroidery frame may hit
the presser foot and damage the machine, or
cause injury to the user. (See "Correctly Using
the Embroidery Frames" on page 88 for the
details about the embroidery frames.)
• The embroidery frame indicators show all
embroidery frame sizes in which the
embroidery pattern can be sewn. Be sure to
use an embroidery frame of the most
suitable size. If the embroidery frame that is
too large is used, the pattern may be
misaligned or the fabric may pucker. (Refer
to "Correctly Using the Embroidery Frames"
on page 88.)


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