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HP 316095-B21 - StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/24 Service Manual Page 273

Edge switch 2/24 service manual.
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(1) Mechanical, electrical, or electronic hardware with a specific purpose (D). See also
(2) See node.
(1) The process of investigating the cause or nature of a problem in a product or system. (2)
Procedures or tests used by computer users and service personnel to diagnose hardware or
software problems (D).
dialog box
A pop-up window in the user interface with informational messages or fields to be modified or
completed with desired options.
direct current
DC. Electric current that continuously flows in one direction (D). Contrast with
An intelligent, highly-available, Fibre Channel switch providing any-to-any port connectivity
between nodes (end devices) on a switched fabric. The director sends data transmissions (data
frames) between nodes in accordance with the address information present in the frame
headers of those transmissions.
A thin magnetic disk enclosed in a plastic jacket, which is removable from a computer and is
used to store and transport data (D).
diskette drive
The hardware mechanism by which a computer reads data from and writes data to removable
diskettes (D).
DNS name
Domain name system or domain name service. Host or node name for a device or managed
product that is translated to an Internet protocol (IP) address through a domain name server.
A Fibre Channel term describing the most significant byte in the node port (N_Port) identifier
for the Fibre Channel device. It is not used in the Fibre Channel small computer system
interface (FC-SCSI) hardware path ID. It is required to be the same for all SCSI targets
logically connected to a Fibre Channel adapter.
edge switch 2/24 service manual


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