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HP 316095-B21 - StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/24 Release Note

Hp storageworks director and edge switch release notes (09.08.03) (5697-0077, july 2009).
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HP StorageWorks
Director and Edge Switch release notes
Part number: 5697-0077
Seventh edition: June 2009


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   Summary of Contents for HP 316095-B21 - StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/24

  • Page 1

    HP StorageWorks Director and Edge Switch release notes (09.08.03) Part number: 5697-0077 Seventh edition: June 2009...

  • Page 2

    Legal and notice information © Copyright 2007-2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

  • Page 3: Update Recommendation

    Description These release notes are intended for customers who purchased Director or Edge Switch products. The notes contain late-breaking and supplemental information for the HP M-series Edge Switch and Director products. It is important to read these notes before installing a Director or Edge Switch product. Because this information is updated periodically, HP recommends that you check the following HP website for the latest information:

  • Page 4: Supported Configurations

    HP product name McDATA/Brocade product name HP StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/32 Sphereon 3232 Fabric Switch HP StorageWorks Director 2/64 Intrepid 6064 Director HP StorageWorks Director 2/140 Intrepid 6140 Director, Brocade M6140 Director Sphereon 4400 Fabric Switch, Brocade M4400 Fabric Switch Sphereon 4700 Fabric Switch, Brocade M4700 Fabric Switch HAFM Basic (formerly Embedded Web Server or EWS)

  • Page 5: Cable Requirements

    ation is subject to change, contact your HP-authorized service representative for the current number of ISLs supported for each Edge Switch or Director. Hop count—The hop count is equal to the number of ISL connections traversed in a single path, not the total number of ISL connections between devices.

  • Page 6

    Fixes Table 2 lists issues that have been fixed in this release since the release of firmware version 09.08.01. Table 3lists issues that have been fixed in this release since the release of firmware version 09.07.02. Table 2 Fixes in this release Description Affected models Zone activation could fail for fabrics with a large number...

  • Page 7

    Description Affected models An OSMS (Open Systems Management Server) memory leak caused ISL Segmentation in the fabric Director 2/64 had Event 411 Firmware Faults occurring Director 2/64 on both CTPs due to stalled CTP communications. Director 2/64 had CTP Event 411 (00000052) faults Director 2/64 occurring on both CTP's due to issue reading certain SPF parameters.

  • Page 8: Standards Compliance

    Compatibility and interoperability This section describes Edge Switch and Director product compatibility. HAFM/EFCM and firmware compatibility Table 4 lists the minimum version of HAFM/EFCM that run with the Edge Switches and Directors firmware versions. Table 4 HAFM/EFCM and firmware compatibility Firmware version HAFM/EFCM version 09.07.02...

  • Page 9

    Category Standards Fibre Channel Element Management Information Base FE-MIB (MIB) Director and Edge Switch release notes (09.08.03)

  • Page 10

    Firmware installation This section provides firmware installation information. Prerequisites for installing and using firmware 09.08.03 Consider the following prerequisites for firmware 09.08.03: Before you install the new firmware, HAFM should be at the minimum level. Before upgrading to firmware version 09.08.03, EFCM must be at version 09.07.00 or later if you are using EFCM to manage your Edge Switches or Directors.

  • Page 11

    NOTE: The following HP firmware versions are considered to be within one functional release: 09.08.03, 09.08.01, 09.07.02 09.06.02 09.03.00, 09.02.00, 09.00.00 08.02.00, 08.01.01, 08.01.00 07.01.03, 07.01.02, 07.00.00 If you use HAFM Basic for upgrades and downgrades, and the release version rule is not followed, errors will occur and there may be a disruption to attached devices.

  • Page 12

    NOTE: You must have maintenance authorization rights to access the HAFM Product/Element Manager menu options used in this procedure. To safely upgrade firmware on a Director: Upgrade the HAFM software on the HAFM Server/Appliance to 07.01.00 (minimum). Download firmware 05.02.00-13 by selecting Firmware Library from the Product Manager Maintenance menu.

  • Page 13

    Upgrade the firmware to 05.02.00-13 on each Edge Switch by selecting Send in the Firmware Library dialog box. Considerations for downgrading the firmware version Edge Switches or Directors are not required to be offline before performing a firmware downgrade operation. Limitations to performing a downgrade are clearly identified. Before downgrading firmware, HP recommends that you back up the Edge Switch or Director configuration.

  • Page 14: Important Information

    HAFM upgrade required for firmware 09.08.03 Consider the following HAFM requirements for firmware 09.08.03: If you are using the 1U rack-mount HAFM Appliance to manage the Edge Switch or Director, the minimum HAFM version required is 08.09.01. This HAFM software is provided on the HP Stor- ageWorks ha-fabric manager documentation and software CD (Part Number 516-000024-720).

  • Page 15: Zoning Limits

    Icon missing in fabric tree display No icon is displayed for an Mi10k in the Fabric tree on the left panel of the fabric view page of HAFM Basic. HAFM Basic issue with Mozilla browser Access control list (ACL) IP entries are not validated in HAFM Basic when using Mozilla browser. Default zone is disabled by default The default zone on the Edge Switches and Directors is disabled by default.

  • Page 16: Reinstalling Feature Licenses

    Using the same firmware level All Edge Switches and Directors in the same fabric should have the same firmware level installed to ensure that this firmware operates correctly. Firmware 09.08.03 is common for all M-series fabric products, except the McDATA 4Gb SAN Switch for HP p-Class BladeSystem, which has a separate firmware.

  • Page 17

    Erroneous message from save/restore configuration An erroneous message, "Warning: Switch IP ACL list will not be enabled because host IP Address is not found in the list", is issued while doing save/restore configuration with IP access control list (ACL) state enabled. This message can be ignored as restore happens successfully. Firmware installation error if zoneset activation not completed An error indication on firmware installation: "Cannot install firmware.

  • Page 18

    Known issues in firmware 09.08.03 Table 7 lists the known issues in firmware 09.08.03. Table 7 Firmware 09.08.03 known issues Issue Workaround QPM installed in a director, a cable move followed If this is issue is encountered, configure both the even by a port speed change under specific conditions ports of the QPM card to sustained mode instead of may cause an erroneous entry in the nameserver...

  • Page 19

    Issue Workaround If Frame Redirection (FR) zones are being used with Use one of the following workarounds: M-series switches and directors and there are FR If the switches are still in a fabric with FR zones activ- zones loaded on all switches in the fabric, FR zones ated, perform the CLI cfgsave command on any will be lost on the M-series switches and directors Brocade switch running FOS.

  • Page 20

    Issue Workaround Switch Ethernet connection will become inaccessible Before downgrading firmware to a version earlier than if the Access Control List (ACL) contains IPv6 entries, 09.07.00, IPv6 addresses must first be removed from and the firmware is downgraded to version the ACL.

  • Page 21: Using The Cli

    Determining current firmware version This section describes how to determine the current version of firmware for an Edge Switch or Director using the HAFM, HAFM Basic, or the CLI. Using HAFM To determine the current firmware version using HAFM: Open the Element Manager for the Edge Switch or Director. Select Product >...

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