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HP 316095-B21 - StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/24 Service Manual Page 268

Edge switch 2/24 service manual.
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buffer-to-buffer credit
BB_Credit. (1) The maximum number of receive buffers allocated to a transmitting node port
(N_Port) or fabric port (F_Port). Credit represents the maximum number of outstanding
frames that can be transmitted by that N_Port or F_Port without causing a buffer overrun
condition at the receiver. (2) The maximum number of frames a port can transmit without
receiving a receive ready signal from the receiving device. BB_Credit can be adjustable to
provide different levels of compensation.
bypassed port
If a port is bypassed, all serial channel signals route past the port. A device attached to the port
cannot communicate with other devices in the loop.
Abbreviated as B. A byte generally equals eight bits, although a byte can equal from four to
ten bits. A byte can also be called an octet See also octet.
Product feature which enables the HAFM server to automatically contact a support center and
report system problems. The support center server accepts calls from the HAFM server, logs
reported events, and can notify one or more support center representatives.
Linking two or more Fibre Channel switches to form a larger switch or fabric. The switched
link through fiber cables attached between one or more expansion ports (E_Ports). See also
Channel operations running in byte mode. This occurs when a channel is attached to a
converter and specifies the I/O operation mode for the channel path under the I/O
configuration program (IOCP) channel path identifier (CHPID) statement 'Type' parameter.
Contrast with CVC.
In S/390 mode, in a port address matrix, a cell is the intersection point between a horizontal
port address and a vertical port address. A selected cell is indicated by the cell cursor.
Two Director or Edge Switch that are physically attached.
edge switch 2/24 service manual


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