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HP 316095-B21 - StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/24 Service Manual: Set The Switch Online Or Offline; Set Online State

Edge switch 2/24 service manual.
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6. A dialog box
completion of the data collection process. When the process reaches 100%, the
Cancel button changes to a Close button.
Figure 3–12: Data Collection Status dialog box
7. Click Close to close the dialog box.
8. Remove the Zip disk with the newly-collected maintenance data from the HAFM
server Zip drive. Return the Zip disk to Hewlett-Packard for failure analysis.
9. To ensure the QuikSync backup application operates normally, replace the
original backup disk in the HAFM server Zip drive.

Set the Switch Online or Offline

This section describes procedures to set the switch online or offline. These operating
states are described as follows:
Online - when the switch is set online, an attached device can log in to the switch
if the port is not blocked. Attached devices can communicate with each other if
they are configured in the same zone.
Offline - when the switch is set offline, all switch ports are set offline. The switch
transmits the offline sequence (OLS) to attached devices, and the devices cannot
log in to the switch.
NOTE: When the switch is set offline, the operation of attached Fibre Channel devices is
disrupted. Do not set the switch offline unless directed to do so by a procedural step or the next
level of support.

Set Online State

To set the switch online:
1. At the HAFM server, open the HAFM application. The Product View displays.
2. Select the icon representing the switch to be set online. The Hardware View for
the selected switch displays.
edge switch 2/24 service manual
3–12) displays with a progress bar that shows percent
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