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HP 316095-B21 - StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/24 Release Note

Fw 09.0200 hp storageworks director and edge switch release notes (aa-rw8nc-te, april 2007).
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HP StorageWorks
Director and Edge Switch release notes
Part number: AA-RW8NC-TE
Third edition: March 2007


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   Summary of Contents for HP 316095-B21 - StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/24

  • Page 1

    HP StorageWorks Director and Edge Switch release notes Part number: AA-RW8NC-TE Third edition: March 2007...

  • Page 3: Update Recommendation

    Description These release notes contain late-breaking and supplemental information for the HP M-Series Edge Switch and Director products. These release notes are intended for customers who purchased Director or Edge Switch products. Read these release notes before installing a Director or Edge Switch product. This information is available and periodically updated on the website storage/networking/index.html.

  • Page 4: Cable Requirements

    Firmware 09.02.00 Firmware 09.02.00 is the latest firmware released for the HP M-Series Edge Switches and Directors. Firmware 09.02.00 is common for all M-Series fabric products, except the McDATA 4Gb SAN Switch for HP p-Class BladeSystem, which has separate firmware. The firmware is available on the HP website index.html.

  • Page 5: Operating Systems

    Multimode cables should use 50/125 optical fibers, and single-mode cables typically use 9/125 optical fibers for distances up to 10 km. • Verify that connectors interfacing with the Director or Edge Switch products use LC duplex connectors with a PC finish. In addition, the connector at the opposite end of the cable must be of either LC or SC type, depending on the requirements of the connected device.

  • Page 6

    Enhancements This section describes enhancements for the firmware 09.02.00 release. 4Gb Fibre Channel speed support for Director 2/64 This release now provides 4-Gb Fibre Channel speed support in the Director 2/64 (Intrepid 6064 Director) in addition to support in the Director 2/140, which was released with firmware 09.00.00. Operation at 4–Gb is provided with the use of the McDATA 4 Gb/s Intrepid 6000 QPM in the Director.

  • Page 7: Login Banner

    Password Expiration HAFM Basic and CLI can now be configured to force expiration of user account passwords. This capability is completely configurable, and retains a history of the previous three passwords to prevent a user from re-using the same password repeatedly. Customer environments deploying best practice security procedures require users to establish new passwords periodically to ensure the integrity of their networks.

  • Page 8

    Global Nameserver Display CLI command The show nameserver command provides a simple way to display a complete nameserver database for a fabric. The command displays information from the nameserver database for devices attached to the switch when DID (destination domain ID) is not specified. If DID is specified, the local nameserver database entries for the specified domain are displayed.

  • Page 9: Standards Compliance

    Standards compliance Table 4 lists Fibre Channel standards compliance for firmware 09.02.00. Table 4 Standards compliance Category Specifics FC-GS-3 Fibre Channel protocols FC-GS-4 FC-PH Rev 4.3 FC-PH-2 FC-PH-3 FC-GS-2 FC-FLA FC-FG FC-SW-2 FC-MI MIB-II groups System Interface Address translation ICMP SNMP Fibre Channel classes of service Class 2...

  • Page 10

    to occasionally exceed HAFM's timeout. As an alternative to HAFM, use the switch's HAFM Basic interface (formerly EWS) to upgrade firmware. • Firmware upgrades or downgrades should not be performed using HAFM Basic using Internet Explorer 5.00.3315.1000x. If this operation is performed, the download operation may not complete and may eventually time out, leaving the switch with the previous version of firmware.

  • Page 11

    management servers are especially prone to problems caused by processor restart. For example, an application may be configured to poll the Director or Edge Switch at regular intervals. The polling process could occur during a restart period, causing the application software to react adversely.

  • Page 12

    recommends that the Edge Switch firmware upgrade be a scheduled maintenance action that anticipates the failure of switch connectivity. This issue has been resolved with firmware 05.02.00-13 and later. To safely upgrade firmware on an Edge Switch: Upgrade HAFM software on the HAFM Server/Appliance to 07.01.00 (minimum). Download firmware 05.02.00-13 by selecting Firmware Library from the Product Manager Maintenance menu.

  • Page 13

    a version earlier than 06.02.00. The Sphereon 4700 or 4400 switches cannot be downgrade to a version earlier than 08.00.00. • If a Director 2/140 in a multiswitch fabric is downgraded to a version earlier than 06.02.00, ISLs can become segmented if there are any other switches in the fabric operating with a firmware version earlier than 06.01.00.

  • Page 14: Important Information

    Important information This section lists information that you should consider before using Directors or Edge Switches running 09.02.00 firmware. Default zone is disabled by default The default zone on the Director and Edge Switches disabled by default. Zoning must be configured in order for devices connected to the Director or Edge Switch to communicate.

  • Page 15: Reinstalling Feature Licenses

    Reinstalling feature licenses Feature licenses (or keys) must be reinstalled after performing a factory reset on an Edge Switch or Director to regain use of the licensed features (for example, SANtegrity Binding). CTP controls port lights Port lights on the Edge Switches and Directors are controlled by the CTP. Certain activities such as firmware updates, IPLing the CTP, or switching over to the backup CTP (Director) can cause these port lights to extinguish momentarily until control is reasserted by the CTP.

  • Page 16: Using The Cli

    Determining current version This section describes how to determine the current version of firmware for an Edge Switch or Director using the HAFM, HAFM Basic, or CLI. Using HAFM To determine the current version using HAFM: Open the Element Manager for the Edge Switch or Director. Select Product from the menu bar.

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