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HP 316095-B21 - StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/24 Service Manual: Replacement

Edge switch 2/24 service manual.
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If at the HAFM server, open the Hardware View, click Logs, and select Event
Log. The Event Log displays. The Event Log displays. The following event
codes appear:
— 200 - Power supply AC voltage failure (recorded when AC power is
— 300 - A cooling fan propeller has failed (first fan).
— 301 - A cooling fan propeller has failed (second fan).
— 302 - A cooling fan propeller has failed (third fan).
— 206 - Power supply removed.


To replace a redundant power supply:
1. Remove the replacement power supply from its shipping container.
2. Inspect the rear of the power supply for bent or broken connector pins that may
have been damaged during shipping. If any pins are damaged, obtain a new power
3. Position the power supply in the rear of the switch chassis as shown in part (B) of
4–1. Ensure the finger handles are disengaged and rotated 90 degrees
a. While supporting the power supply with one hand, insert it into the switch
b. Firmly push the power supply into the chassis. Rotate the finger handles 90
degrees inward to seat the power supply and engage the connector pins.
Ensure the faceplate is flush with the chassis cutout.
4. Connect the AC power cord to the power supply and to a facility power source.
5. Wait several seconds, then inspect the power supply to ensure the amber LED is
extinguished. If the LED is illuminated, go to
to isolate the problem.
6. Perform one of the following to inspect the Event Log:
edge switch 2/24 service manual
FRU Removal and Replacement
MAP 0000: Start MAP on page 2–6


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