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HP 316095-B21 - StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/24 Service Manual Page 312

Edge switch 2/24 service manual.
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virtual storage
VS. (1) Storage space that may be regarded as addressable main storage by the user of a
computer system in which virtual addresses are mapped to real addresses. The size of virtual
storage is limited by the addressing scheme of the computer system and by the amount of
auxiliary storage available, not by the number of main storage locations. (2) Addressable space
that is apparent to the user as processor storage space, from which the instructions and the data
are mapped to the processor storage locations (A, D, I).
A measure of the difference in electrical potential between two points in a conductor, equal to
one ohm resistance carrying a constant current of one ampere, with a power dissipation of one
watt (D). See
volts alternating
volts direct
volts alternating current
VAC. A term for classifying the system in which volts exist. VAC means that the volts exist in
a circuit where the electricity can travel in either direction. Contrast with
volts direct
See volt.
volts direct current
VDC. A term for classifying the system in which volts exist. VDC means that the electricity
has a specific path it must follow. Contrast with
volts alternating
current. See volt.
warning message
A message that indicates a possible error has been detected. See also
A unit of power in the International System equal to one joule (Newton-meter) per second (D).
The main window for the HAFM application or Product Manager applications. Each
application has a unique window that is divided into separate panels for the title, navigation
control, alerts, and the main or Product View. The user performs all management and
monitoring functions for these Fibre Channel products through the application window.
A terminal or microcomputer usually connected to a network or mainframe at which a user can
perform applications.
world-wide names
WWN. Eight-byte string that uniquely identifies a Fibre Channel entity (that is, a port, a node,
a switch, a fabric), even on global networks.
edge switch 2/24 service manual


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