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Kenwood KVC51 Instructions Manual page 9

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To use your bowl tools
Ensure the cord is fully unfolded from the
cord storage compartment
using the Kitchen Machine.
1 Push the head-lift lever
raise the mixer head until it locks
2 Fit the bowl on the base and turn
to secure in position .
3 Place the required tool into the socket.
Then push up
lock into position.
Note: If the K-beater or Whisk are
not picking up ingredients from the
bottom of the bowl refer to the "Tool
Adjustment" section.
4 Lower the mixer head by pushing the
head release lever down
the mixer head until it locks
5 Plug into the power supply and the
'mixer ready indicator light' will illuminate.
6 Start the machine by turning the speed
control to the desired speed setting. Use
the pulse (P) position for short bursts of
maximum speed.
7 After use, return the speed control to 'O'
OFF position and unplug your Kitchen
8 Release the tool by turning clockwise
to unlock from the tool socket and then
• The fold function
folding light ingredients into heavier
mixtures for example meringues,
mousses, fruit fools, Genoese sponges
and soufflés, and to slowly incorporate
flour and fruit into cake mixtures. The
mixer will operate at a constant slow
• To fully incorporate the ingredients stop
mixing and scrape down the bowl with
the spatula frequently.
down and
and turn
the tool to
and lower
can be used for
• For best results when whisking use eggs
at room temperature.
• Before whisking egg whites, make sure
there is no grease or egg yolk on the
whisk or bowl.
• Use cold ingredients for pastry unless
your recipe says otherwise.
Points for bread making
• Never exceed the maximum capacities
stated - you may overload the machine.
• If you hear the machine labouring, switch
off, remove half the dough and do each
half separately.
• The ingredients mix best if you put the
liquid in first.
• Dried yeast (the type that needs
reconstituting): pour the warm water into
the bowl. Then add the yeast and the
sugar and leave to stand for about 10
minutes until frothy.
• Fresh yeast: crumble into the flour.
• Other types of yeast: follow the
manufacturer's instructions.
• Put the dough into a greased polythene
bag or a bowl covered with a tea towel.
Then leave somewhere warm until
doubled in size.
Ensure that no bowl tools are fitted or
stored in the bowl when using other

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