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Mitsubishi Electric FR-F700PJ Instruction Manual Page 183

Air-conditioning inverter.
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Energy saving operation and energy saving monitor
(2) Power saving instantaneous monitor ( 1) power savings, 2) power saving rate )
 On the power saving monitor ( 1)), an energy saving effect as compared to the power consumption during commercial
power supply operation (estimated value) is calculated and displays on the main monitor.
 In the following case, the power saving monitor ( 1)) is "0".
(a)Calculated values of the power saving monitor are negative values.
(b)During the DC injection brake operation
(c)Motor is not connected (output current monitor is 0A)
 On the power saving rate monitor ( 2)), setting "0" in Pr. 895 Power saving rate reference value displays the power saving
rate on the assumption that power (estimated value) during commercial power supply operation is 100%. When Pr. 895
= "1", the power saving rate on the assumption that the Pr. 893 Energy saving monitor reference (motor capacity) value is
100% is displayed.
(3) Average power saving monitor ( 3) average power saving, 4) average power saving rate, 5)
average power cost savings)
 Average power saving monitor is displayed by setting a value other than "9999" in Pr. 897 Power saving monitor average
 The average power saving monitor ( 3)) displays the unit time average value of the power saving amount at averaging.
 The average value is updated every time an average time has elapsed after the Pr. 897 setting is changed, power is
turned ON or the inverter is reset, assuming as a starting point. The power savings average value update timing signal
(Y92) is inverted every time the average value is updated.
When Pr.897=4 [Hr]
Power saving
value [kW]
Operation start
Pr. 897 setting
Average power
saving [kW]
Y92: average power
saving update
timing signal
 When Pr. 895 Power saving rate reference value = "0 or 1", the average power saving rate ( 2)) for the averaging time
period is displayed on the average power saving rate monitor ( 4)).
 By setting the charge (power unit) per 1kWh of power amount in Pr. 896 Power unit cost, the average power cost savings
monitor ( 5)) displays the cost relative to the average power saving (average power saving ( 3))  Pr. 896).
(4) Cumulative power saving monitor ( 6) power saving amount, 7) power cost savings, 8)
annual power saving amount, 9) annual power cost savings)
 On the cumulative power saving monitor, the monitor data digit can be shifted to the right by the number of Pr. 891
Cumulative power monitor digit shifted times settings. For example, if the cumulative power value is 1278.56kWh when Pr.
891 = "2", the PU/DU display is 12.78 (display in 100kWh increments) and the communication data is 12. If the
maximum value is exceeded at Pr. 891 = "0 to 4", the power is clamped at the maximum value, indicating that a digit
shift is necessary. If the maximum value exceeded at Pr. 891 = "9999", the power returns to 0 and is recounted. The
other monitors are clamped at the display maximum value.
 The cumulative power saving monitor ( 6)) can measure the power amount during a predetermined period. Measure
according to the following steps
1)Write "9999" or "10" in Pr. 898 Power saving cumulative monitor clear.
2)Write "0" in Pr. 898 at measurement start timing to clear the cumulative power saving monitor value and start
accumulation of power saving.
3)Write "1" in Pr. 898 at measurement end timing to hold the cumulative power saving monitor value.
 The cumulative power saving monitor value is stored every hour. Hence, when the power supply is switched OFF within one
hour, and switched ON again, the previously stored monitor value is displayed and accumulation starts. (The cumulative
monitor value may decrease)
0 in the first
During stop
is OFF
Last value
Stores Hi/Low when the
power is OFF and starts.


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