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Mitsubishi Electric FR-F700PJ Instruction Manual Page 152

Air-conditioning inverter.
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Pr. 152
Pr. 152
Start signal
Zero current
detection time
Pr. 153
Detection time
* The zero current detection signal (Y13) holds the
signal for approximately 0.1s once turned ON.
 This function is also valid during execution of the offline auto tuning.
 The response time of Y12 and Y13 signals is approximately 0.1s. Note that the response time changes according to the load
 When Pr. 152 = "0", detection is disabled.
 Changing the terminal assignment using Pr. 190 and Pr. 192 (output terminal function selection) may affect the other
functions. Set parameters after confirming the function of each terminal.
The zero current detection level setting should not be too low, and the zero current detection time setting not
too long. Otherwise, the detection signal may not be output when torque is not generated at a low output
To prevent the machine and equipment from resulting in hazardous conditions detection signal, install a
safety backup such as an emergency brake even the zero current detection function is set valid.
Parameters referred to
Offline auto tuning
Refer to page 125
Pr. 190, Pr. 192 (output terminal function selection)
Function assignment of external terminal and control
If the output current remains lower than the Pr. 152 setting
When the inverter's output current falls to "0", torque will not
0.1s ∗
For the Y13 signal, set "13 (positive logic) or 113 (negative
Pr. 153
Detection time
Refer to page 140
Zero current detection (Y13 signal, Pr. 152, Pr. 153)
during inverter operation for longer than the time set in Pr.
153, the zero current detection (Y13) signal is output from the
inverter's open collector or relay output terminal.
be generated. This may cause a drop due to gravity when
the inverter is used in vertical lift application.
To prevent this, the Y13 signal can be output from the
inverter to close the mechanical brake when the output
current has fallen to "zero".
logic)" in Pr.190 or Pr.192 (output terminal function selection)
and assign functions to the output terminal.


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