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Operation Panel; Names And Functions Of The Operation Panel - Mitsubishi Electric FR-F700PJ Instruction Manual

Air-conditioning inverter.
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Operation panel

Operation panel

Names and functions of the operation panel

The operation panel cannot be removed from the inverter.
(a) Unit indicator
(b) Monitor (4-digit LED)
(c) Setting dial
(d) Start command
(e) MODE key
(f) SET key
Unit indicator
Monitor (4-digit
Setting dial
Start command
MODE key
SET key
Operation status
Parameter setting
mode indicator
Monitor indicator Lit to indicate the monitor mode.
Operation mode
PU/EXT key
Hz: Lit to indicate frequency. (Flickers when the set frequency monitor is displayed.)
A: Lit to indicate current.
(Both "Hz" and "A" turns OFF to indicate a value other than frequency or current. )
Shows the frequency, parameter number, etc.
(To monitor the output power, the set frequency and other items, set Pr. 52.)
The dial of the Mitsubishi inverters. The setting dial is used to change the frequency and
parameter settings.
Press the setting dial to perform the following operations:
 To display a control method (general-purpose motor control or IPM motor control) during the
monitor mode
 To display the set frequency when pressed for 1s or longer under PU operation mode or External/
PU combined operation mode (Pr. 79 = "3")
 To display the present setting during calibration
 To display a fault history number in the faults history mode
Select the rotation direction in Pr. 40.
Used to switch among different setting modes.
simultaneously changes the operation mode.
Holding this key for 2 seconds locks the operation. The key lock is invalid when Pr. 161 = "0
(initial setting)." (
Used to enter a setting.
If pressed during the operation,
monitored item changes as the
Lit or flickers during inverter operation.
* Lit: When the forward rotation operation is being performed.
Slow flickering (1.4s cycle): When the reverse rotation operation is being performed.
Fast flickering (0.2s cycle): When
 When the frequency command is less than the starting frequency.
 When the MRS signal is being input.
Lit to indicate the parameter setting mode.
PU: Lit to indicate the PU operation mode.
EXT: Lit to indicate the External operation mode.(EXT is lit at power-ON in the initial setting.)
NET: Lit to indicate the Network operation mode.
PU and EXT: Lit to indicate EXT/PU combined operation mode 1 and 2
All of these indicators are OFF when the command source is not at the operation panel. (Refer
to page 214).
Used to stop operation commands.
Used to reset a fault when the protective function (fault) is activated.
Used to switch between the PU and External operation modes.
To use the External operation mode (operation using a separately connected frequency setting
potentiometer and start signal), press this key to light up the EXT indicator.
simultaneously (0.5s), or change the Pr .79 setting
combined operation mode. )
PU: PU operation mode
EXT: External operation mode
Used to cancel the PU stop also.
Refer to page 280
Output frequency
Energy saving monitor is displayed when the
energy saving monitor is set with Pr. 52.
has been pressed or the start command has been
given, but the operation cannot be made.
(g) Operation status indicator
(h) Parameter setting mode indicator
(i) Monitor indicator
(j) Operation mode indicator
(k) STOP/RESET key
(l) PU/EXT key
 Output current
 Output voltage
(refer to page 60)
to change to the


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